Sunday, January 13, 2008

Correction to Previous Post

Oops! The date of festival is Saturday, March 1st, not March 3rd. Location will be forthcoming, as soon as MSBOA makes it available to me.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

January Updates

Before a few January 2008 updates, I have to look back to the wrap-up of 2007. The Norup and BHS bands both successfully performed their Winter Concerts during the week of December 10th. All bands did a nice job and were generally well-behaved and well-dressed.

I thought a highlight of the high school concert was the debut of the BHS Percussion Ensemble, directed by Adam James, a great percussion instructor, and better yet, just a good guy.

The other personal highlight was the really nice gesture on the part of the marching band kids. They purchased two gift cards, a new director's podium, and a beauty of a Starbuck's Coffee Mug. They definitely know (and support) my habit.

So on to January. I'm very excited for this weekend, as BHS is being represented by 8 of our most talented band students in the MSBOA District IV honors band. This select group is made up of the best musicians from the high schools in Oakland County, and rehearses this Friday and Saturday, putting on a concert Saturday evening. Translation--hard work. They have the opportunity to work with Scott Boerma, a very talented conductor and composer, and the new director of the Michigan Marching Band. They are playing one of his, in my opinion, most exciting pieces, titled "CityScape." It was commissioned to be an exciting entrance piece for the University of Illinois Wind Symphony for their concert in Carnegie Hall. The concert is free to all and will take place at 6:00 PM at the Clarkston High School Performing Arts Center.

In other news, the high school students are looking ahead to District festival on March 3rd. We're playing some really good literature. I'll post more detailed links to the pieces and composers soon.

Norup students are looking ahead to band jam concerts in April, and will begin work on class-specific and cross-curricular IB projects, including a 7th grade unit on the music of New Orleans. Study of this content will correlate with study of hurricane and other weather issues on the bayou.

That's all for now...