Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Few More Pictures...

Photos from the Football Game on 9/17

Here are some photos from the September 17 game against Andover HS. It was fun to watch our team win big, and the band did a nice job putting the final song, "Thriller," on the field for the first time. We have a few more final touches to add for our last two games, but I'm very happy with the current progress.
In other news, I was in Ann Arbor on Tuesday night for a saxophone quartet rehearsal. I had about an hour to kill, so I visited the Michigan Marching Band afternoon practice. It was really fun to see the BHS alums marching, including freshman Ben Duchan, sophomore Kathleen Elmquist, and junior Andrew Lapin. I also saw a number of alums from Andover HS where I student taught. The band looked and sounded great.

Enjoy the pictures!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Marching Band Reminders

I'm just writing with a few reminders about this week in marching band. First, we have our next football game performance this Thursday evening at 7:00 PM. This time, we'll be meeting at the fields across from the high school at 4:45 PM for a warm-up and run-throughs rehearsal. This rehearsal should last approximately 45 minutes, leaving about an hour for students to get dressed and get something to eat before meeting at Anderson MS (in the courtyard) at 6:30 PM. Don't forget to be in full uniform!

Second, as I've told the band several times, there is NO invitational this weekend. Because the scheduled invitational took place during the Jewish holiday, it was moved to this past weekend (which I thought was a little early in the school year). Therefore, again, there is NO invitational this weekend.