Friday, August 24, 2007

One Week Down

5 Days later, the Berkley HS Marching Band has made leaps and bounds toward our "West Side Story" show. It was a bit hard to believe today that the band that was playing and marching both "Maria" and "Mambo," and which had worked through all of its third song, was the same that needed time with standing at attention on Monday morning. But enough glowing generalities.

As a first time marching band director, I'm thrilled with the efficiency of our marching rehearsals and with the attitude of the band so far. I've worked with a lot of groups with significantly lower morale, work ethic, and sense of family than this, and I constantly feel blessed to work in Berkley.

That said, we aren't close to the finished product yet.

I think it's really important to go to the source of the music we play in band. So on Thursday night, Al Lindstrom (auditorium manager and former die-hard Purdue Marching Band member) got us in to watch "West Side Story." About 40 band members came and we had a great time. You sort of forget the dynamics of that movie until you see it. What got me the most was how hip the movie still is. The music, the clothes, the dance choreography--all amazing. You might not remember it as a comedy, but to most of our male band members, it was. I guess they didn't always understand the need to interrupt a good knife fight with dancing or singing.

On Monday we make our 2007 debut at the freshmen orientation. Parents should feel free to stop by any rehearsals next week (we're usually outside from 10-12 and 2:30-4). Otherwise, see you at Hurley Field on Thursday night...

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