Monday, April 21, 2008

Middle School Solo and Ensemble

Norup International School was well represented at District IV Solo and Ensemble on Saturday in Clarkston. I was especially proud because all Norup students received a first or second division rating.

Receiving a first division:
Jim Demery--7th grade trumpet solo
Lim-Lim Kobe--7th grade oboe solo
Lim-Lim Kobe--7th grade piano solo
Nicholas Rifel--8th grade trumpet solo
Natalie Gerfen--8th grade trumpet solo
Daniel Okun--8th grade tuba solo

Receiving a second division:
Nicholas Dolnicek, Christian Dolnicek, Alex Bergsman & Jack Reedy--7th grade mixed quartet
Jordan Akins--7th grade flute solo

And Kyle Church and Jacob Lurie were DQed on a technicality, but played very well in their duet.

Good job to all who came and participated!

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