Sunday, March 2, 2008

District Band Festival Results

It was a successful day on Saturday for the Berkley HS Concert Band and Symphonic Band. The concert band, who had never gone to festival for a rating before, received straight IIs. The Symphonic Band played well enough to receive a I rating overall in concert rating, but had an off-day in sight-reading, leading to an overall II rating. I was extremely proud of how both bands played, and it gives me (and the students, I hope) encouragement to continue to grow and get better. It was also really fun to see our Ferndale neighbors and our friends at Seaholm HS.


Anonymous said...

Yes Mr. Shaw I fully Agree that the Symphonic band Did Superbly Well in the preformance. however when it came to the sight reading I believe that our style of the march resembled that of Brittish Eighth instead of the american style of march which is, from what I have learned, fast,fast,fast.

Mr. Ryan Shaw said...

That may be. Sometimes you have to choose accuracy over speed, but if the tempo is too slow, they can certaily fault you for that.