Monday, March 17, 2008

State Solo and Ensemble Wrap-up

Berkley was represented by the following soloists at State S & E, all of whom either received either a 1 or a 2:

Anna Dimanin--with a Berkley band high score of 94 in proficiency II!
Tyler Fritsch
Megan MacDonald
Mark Jones
Nick LeVeck
Peter Rifel

The following students also performed duets:

Brittany Shimshock/Jen Roediger--II rating
Anna Dimanin/Tyler Fritsch--I rating

And the brass quintet, receiving a I:

Nick LeVeck
Tyler Fritsch
Chelsea Rowe
Tim Higle
Mark Jones

Great job to all who participated! It is absolutely true that these students are the backbone of our program, and I hope they know how much I appreciate their extra effort.

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