Friday, December 11, 2009

Congratulations to Norup Solo and Ensemble Performers

On Saturday, December 5, Norup International Bands were represented by 12 talented 7th and 8th grade students. These musicians traveled to Brighton, MI to take part in MSBOA District IV Solo and Ensemble festival. All students earned a first or second division rating and should be proud of their hard work in preparation.

8th Graders
Audrey Pittman -- Flute Solo (I rating)
Max Smith -- Piano Solo (II rating)

7th Graders
Brendan Batcheller -- Trumpet Trio (I rating)
Annie Beaubien -- Clarinet Solo and Woodwind Trio (II ratings)
Austin Chase -- Trumpet Duet (II rating)
DJ Desmond -- Trumpet Duet (II rating)
Rebecca Enerson -- Woodwind Trio (II rating)
Max Gillis -- Trombone Solo (I rating)
Erin Maroney -- Woodwind Trio (II rating)
Dominic Smarjesse -- Trumpet Trio (I rating)
Samantha Taub -- Trombone Solo (II rating)
Emily Zonder -- Trumpet Trio (I rating)

Great job to all who participated!